Balance and Discipline in our Thinking

Reactions to our present times and circumstances need greater discipline, now more than ever.  We certainly need level heads and calm leaders who act in the best interest of the whole. Looking at our current options for leaders, one can easily become discouraged, but perhaps that very cynicism in our thinking has gotten us where we are and doesn’t serve the whole.

The Capricorn energy teaches that we need to reckon all of our accounts and keep our books impeccably.  This could apply on a very personal level as well as a global level. This comes back to honesty and truthfulness as well as total disclosure, good principles to live by.  Capricorn is the “wise elder” tracking the past and keeping record.  Planets currently lining up in Capricorn include: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, making for a very loaded Capricorn house, perhaps even promising a shocking reckoning.  Have we reckoned all accounts? If not, Saturn will judge us.

By Dec. 21, 2020, Saturn, the planetary representative of Capricornian energy, will conjunct Jupiter, the representative of thought and future growth.  What are we prepared for? How will humanity need to change in order to combat the challenges we face for our survival?  These are all open for interpretation perhaps.

On a very personal level, discipline and maintaining balance have been strong, on-going themes for the past two years in my personal life, perhaps they have showed up for you too.   I have been exploring the question, “Do I have the discipline to work hard so that what I seek to add to my domain adds benefit to others and life around me?  Does it become something worthy to humanity of the life force and time I’ve devoted from my own life to acquire it? ”   This is also about striking a balance. Our own life is not really ours alone.  The sum total of our life also belongs to the whole of humanity.  How well have we disciplined our desires against selfish gain to add to the picture of humanity?  Our generation, and those that have come before us have not really squared all accounts in this regard. We have all lived very selfishly in terms of the planet and its resources. Future generations will condemn us for it.  This must be reckoned.

I cannot simply sit back and acquire knowledge and resources for my own benefit alone. Another way this has manifested in my personal life, is the pursuit of higher education and at the cost of student loans.  Why pursue higher education at all if not to serve something greater than oneself?  I could sweep the streets and equally serve a needed function.   If I seek higher education for my own glorification alone, then I miss the point.

I cannot do these things without developing and growing in my discipline and mastery.  I’ve recently signed up to take a course on hand calculation of the charts through NCGR with the hopes that I can pass the Level 1 exam for NCGR certification.  Why am I doing this?  To acquire knowledge for myself alone?  There needs to be a greater purpose, or why do it at all?

I have been coming to learn for a while now that it isn’t the knowledge of how to read the stars or read a birth chart that I need, or that anyone needs.   It is the continued devoted application and principles of truth in daily life.  Applying principles of truth, taking ever so incremental steps with patience and love towards ourselves and others we gain strength together.  We are in life together, every single one of us, from the smallest child to the wisest elder.   That is the spirit of brotherhood in the Aquarian theme, but we must act as if our life is not ours alone and come back in to reckon the accounts.

How do I develop balance and keep myself in balance – coming from a member of the Pluto in Libra generation, perhaps this is the very task in our age.   For my generation now nearing our 50’s,  how can we keep all systems in balance for everyone long enough until those that come after us can transition from the old modes, old institutions, old economies, into the new ones without causing death and destruction?  The symbol for Libra is the Scales.  I sit in awe as I watch the extremes to which we dangerously keep swinging the pendulum.  This has to stop, we must control our reactions.  We have to become responsible for our reactions which continually cause upheaval to all systems.

I can begin by looking at my own life and seeking for my own balance: striking equilibrium between my needs and the needs of others.  This is a basic practice of conflict resolution, empathy and love.  Balance and discipline.  It is doing the homework on ourselves.  That is not to say that we cannot act decisively or boldly when needed, but we must continually do our homework, keeping a regimen, keeping a practice, keeping alert to the circumstances and working in balance.

The airborne illness of Coronavirus may be a lesson in how to work together globally to solve our environmental issues.   Our attention on the lungs and what we are breathing in and through our cells cannot be more real and impacts all systems through the lungs and blood circulation. This is no different that our thoughts effecting the future. We must become responsible for our thinking.

I took interest in and can recommend reading the link from New Paradigm Astrology, On the Characteristic of Lung Problems for further thoughts on the significance of this airborne illness.

Just some food for thought, ya’ll…….









The Great Conjunction of 2020

On Dec. 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius. (or Capricorn if you use the sidereal zodiac) This conjunction happens every 20 years and is called the Great Conjunction. This will be the first time in a long while that this conjunction has occurred in an air sign, because for the past 200 years it has been occurring in earth signs(by sidereal zodiac, it is still in an Earth sign.)  The 200 years prior to that, in water signs.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is an event we can witness with the naked eye in the sky this coming winter. The Asheville Astronomy Club put together a nice graphic About the Great Conjunction. 

Viewing the Great Conjunction in the Sky from Houston or adjust for any location.

For the past few months since Christmas I have been reading Willi Sucher’s Cosmology I. This I am only beginning to ingest, let alone to digest, but I will here summarize what I’m understanding so far about Great Conjunctions.

To provide some background, Jupiter has a 12 year cycle and Saturn an approximately 30 year cycle. These two planets make a triangle pattern in the sky, and the whole triangle rotates through the zodiac, moving a little further along with each 20-year period at the conjunction.

Jupiter has to do with thought, growth and the future.  Saturn has to do with structure, limits, memory and the past. When these two planets meet in their cyclical triangle pattern, one could say that it represents  a conversation between that which manifests in the physical world and that which the spiritual world ordains.  It is a meeting or a conference of “divine thought” and the physically manifesting powers.

Sucher relates the Great Conjunctions to the time of the Christ. The first conjunction during the time of Chirst took place at 7BC,  in the sign of Fishes and is related to the birth of Jesus.  The second conjunction in 14 AD took place in Archer and is related to the 12-year old Jesus in the temple, and the third conjunction at 34 AD in Lion relates to the conversion of St. Paul and his experience with the risen Christ.  The first is called the Shepherd stream, the second the King stream, and the third has to do with the Cosmic Christ. It is possible to follow through history, the events occurring in relation to the movements of these planets, and interpret the meaning of the themes of the Shepherd stream, the King Stream, and that of the Cosmic Christ.

From this, Sucher goes into a great deal more about the Christ and the planetary indications as history shows us which I hope I can summarize further. Suffice it to say, the years and events happening around  Great Conjunctions correlate through time.

Perhaps as we inch closer to this great conjunction in 2020 we are laying new foundations for the yet young century and the yet young millenium.  I suggest that with all of the heavy emphasis in Capricorn, that we take stock of our self-discipline in every realm and especially put discipline into our thinking.  Thoughts are things and what we think matters greatly for the future of humanity and for the reality we eventually manifest.

For additional anthroposophically-based reading on this subject- try Astrosophy.Com Article – The Great Conjunction. 


Coming Changes to the Astrosophy Research Center Website

This month I have recently begun volunteering as webmaster for the Astrosophy Research Center.  The Astrosophy Center is a non-profit 501 C, established in 1984.

This has been a long time in the making, as the board of the center has undergone some changes, with Jonathan Hilton stepping down as President in early 2019.  The center, located in Meadow Vista, Ca, just 45 minutes outside of Sacramento, will carry on the function of distributing printed books, while Jonathan pursues his own path with teaching and developing web courses on his own.  It will be my task to just keep the website going, and assist Darlys Turner with incoming book requests and inquiries for the time being.

I am grateful to get to know this work of Willi Sucher better and to help give back something in the way of service to continue to share this profound work with others by an inspired teacher. Though traffic at this site is minimal, I am still really happy to help and be involved.

Be on the look out for future changes to the Astrosophy Research Center website and let me know your feedback.  So far, I have not made any significant changes to it, but plans are being discussed.




Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Striving?

As the Holy Nights have gotten underway I have been drawn to looking at the other various guides to the holy nights that are available this year.  I think it is great that more of these guides are appearing and becoming available and it gives me a greater opportunity to reflect on my own approach with the holy nights.  What started out for me as me just wanting to have a plan for the holy nights for myself has turned a little bit into an obsession, wanting to know what others are doing and how.

Some of the guides I have taken a look at include:

Inner Christmas by Lynn Jericho
Alan Thewless’ Guide to the Holy Nights
Peace Ripples Guide to the Holy Nights

I have also taken a peek at what the Anthroposophical Society has put together in the way of their Holy  Nights webinar offering this year.  For more info go to Holy Nights Webinar

Their pdf slideshow is colorful and artistic, full of great quotes and corresponding zodiacal relationships to the saints, the tones, the eurythmy gestures, and so on.  Great speakers are lined up for each night’s presentation, all representing different parts of the country, some from Dallas, some from Chicago, Nashville, Portland.  The offering is impressive, and it’s nice to see the society getting more into putting technology to use through using zoom conference calls.

I looked into Alan Thewless’ guide to the charts and it is certainly thorough and well put together also.  In reading all of these I feel more confirmed rather than contradicted in what I found just by using the tropical charts doing my own simple interpretations.

Thewless uses sidereal charts in both heliocentric and geocentric views, which is something I attempted to do last year with only novice understanding of it.  I felt quite out of my depth.  Thewless clearly has put a lot of time into his offering, so I do have respect for the amount of work and care that goes into these things and the experience he clearly brings to it.  He does his readers a favor by not explaining the complexity of the astrological techniques too much because if he did he would lose his audience pretty quickly, missing the point of all of this inner work by drawing us too much into the head trying to grapple with it.

We have some stressful times coming in 2020, even more so on the eve of 2021 in December 2020.  Much is uncertain and vital courage will certainly be needed by all of us for the times we live in.  If we chose or we were chosen for this moment to be alive, opportunities exist.  Whether we are in a good situation or a challenging one, opportunities exist for us to do what we came here to do.

I feel pretty certain we each have to come to our own questions and conclusions during the holy nights. It might help to look at the stars if that normally inspires you, but it might not be of help at all if you are someone who doesn’t normally follow the “sign” of the times.  Suddenly following it during the holy nights might be counterproductive in that situation and fear inducing.

I think it might be more important to just stay grounded in your sense of self, to trust your preferred ways of getting connected to yourself and your sources of inspiration and guidance.  We can then attempt to go about life and normal plans in a grounded way during these days.

I hope to achieve a humble groundedness but with extra attunement and listening at this special time. It is best just to remain open to the messages, to trust intuitions and guidance more than usual and just keep it simple, not get too pulled off into whims, mindlessness or reaction.

I’m also realizing that we don’t need to obsessively pour over the meaning of these transits or sit down and study religious images or texts for hours on end.  These forms of obsessiveness do not enlighten.  Do nothing to an extreme. At least, that is my approach, to conduct normal range of activities, but just have more respect for the inner intuitions and inner promptings than I usually do at this time.

Holy Night Guide

The Guide to the Holy Nights is a nightly meditation guide using the planetary transits as an inspirational focus.

The guide began as my own navigation plan for getting through the holidays, for getting focused in my meditations and it began out of my own annual practice of journaling and meditation during the twelve holy nights.   I wanted to be able to work in alignment with the active forces present as mindfully as possible.  The guide is the collection of themes I choose to focus on in my meditative practice.

This will be the second year I have put together a guide. Last year’s guide used the images and the indicated saints from Willi Sucher’s guide as the inspirational focus. This year I used the active transits of the moon through the zodiac as the thematic inspiration for that day’s focus.

I create it for friends and family to enjoy and will happily gift it to pretty much anyone, I just would like to know who is reading it, so I can send you an updated one next year and keep track of my audience.    Nothing will happen to your email, it won’t be bought or sold.  You won’t receive junk mail or ads every day.

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