Eagle Eye Mission


” When an eagle appears, you are on notice to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight.” – quote from Pure-Spirit.Com

I chose the eagle to represent and give name to a personal and evolving mission to study the cosmic, planetary forces.

Eagle Eye is not an astrology or chart reading  business.  Because the study of a chart can so intimately inform one’s search for meaning, it is therefore a sacred endeavor and a deeply spiritual activity, and as such I do not charge for chart readings.

Rather, Eagle Eye is a search for understanding of the cosmic forces and a commitment to help others with the same goal.  My intention is to research, and eventually write and publish what I learn.

I am grateful to several mentors, respected authors, and beloved teachers: Darlys Turner at the Astrosophy Research Center, musician extraordinaire, Mr. Elario Lozano, Martha Starkey, Dana Fleming, Helen Brinkel, Dawn Coe, Becky Stemper of Great Oak School.    I am grateful to the unfailing support of my husband, Alan, and my musical partner in crime, Heather McKelvey.  I am also grateful to my Waldorf Training teachers at the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire, and to Kimberly McSherry of the Houston Astrological Society for her foundational classes which provided a wonderful vocabulary in mystery school astrology and helped me begin to be able to distinguish between practitces of  western astrology and what we see in Willi Sucher’s work, which focuses on esoteric Christianity.    I also want to thank Jonathan Hilton for his online course  about the chart methods used by Sucher. It opened up many more questions and avenues for further consideration and future paths for study.  Jonathan’s work can be found at www.astrosophy.com.

Of course, Rudolf Steiner has hugely influenced me,  especially from my foundation studies through Waldorf education.  As for contemporaries, I have also learned much from the podcasts of Kaypacha/New Paradigm Astrology, Adam Sommer, the writing of Richard Tarnas, Stephen Arroyo, Mark Jones, Jeffrey Greene, AT Mann, and several others.  I am grateful to all of these fine astrologers.

It is my belief that we as a species must continue to ask the deepest questions and we cannot ignore the world of the stars above us if we are doing that.  We must reach for a true and rich understanding of our universe.

Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to sharing my writing and my learning journey with you here.   I look forward to our conversation.


Laura Lee Gabelsberg